Supercharge Your E-Commerce Business!
I'll help you grow your business using Facebook, Instagram and E-mail Marketing.

I use battle-tested, proven methods to increase your sales and customer retention. 
My name is Piotr Komorowski, I live in South Florida and I have been an e-commerce entrepreneur and consultant since 2014. 

I worked with business owners in dozens of different niches and helped generated millions of dollars in online sales. I worked with owner-operators and big eight-figure a year companies. I've done it all!

I've helped countless clients to reach their first $1,000/day and in some cases their first $`100,000 month.

Past Results
Client Testimonials
"Knowledgeable, efficient, and a good communicator. Exactly what you want in an advertising expert."

Michael W. from Atlanta, GA
Piotr is absolutely amazing. He is a master with Facebook advertising and is always looking at ways to genuinely help your business grow..."

Avi J. from Andover, MA
"Very knowledgeable... He went above and beyond our expectations...and he made sure everything was set up correctly."

Anthony S. from Burbank, CA
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